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Litter Due Mid-July !!

Leo & Mya.jpg

previous puppies

   Mya (mom)

7 puppies.jpg

Leo (dad)

Mya at 8 weeks old

Mya puppy.jpg

Leo at 8 weeks old

Welcome to Camelot Chow Chow's !

ABOUT US ......................
We have family raised chow chows. The parents of the litter are our family pets. The puppies are handled from the moment they are born. They are kept strictly indoors for the first three weeks, then we transition outside and start potty training. We have a huge fenced in yard they get to explore under the careful watch of their parents (both furry and myself and my husband).
History of Chow Chows - They require early socialization and training, and some kind of exercise daily. The strong willed, stubborn Chow needs an equally strong willed, stubborn owner! This breed has a mind of their own and may easily become your master if you let them. Chow puppies are naturally well-behaved, seldom destructive or disobedient. They just require food, grooming, toys, safe place to run and play and of course tons of love.
The Chow Chow has a blue-black tongue, unique to the breed. Our dogs are open-faced chow chows and have the sweetest disposition.
Socialization with children is especially important if the dog is to be good with them as an adult. Teach children how to hold and pet the puppy properly so that all their experiences with them are pleasant. Puppy kindergarten classes hosted by your local kennel club are excellent opportunities for socialization. A well-trained Chow is a joy to live with! They are a happier dog because he/she knows what’s expected of him and how to please you.
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